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Earlier, at Game Developer Magazine... - Sunday, May 25 2008

Earlier this month, Game Developer Magazine released an article entitled "Engines of Creation" by Jon Jordan. In it, they bring up the subject of third-party licensed game engines and how they are increasingly used in the development of high profile titles. In the article they compare some of the major ones side by side, including the HeroEngine from Simutronics.

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To walk or to port, this is the question! - Tuesday, May 20 2008

Do you think that portals for traveling will detract from your RP experience? Do you think the opposite? Why? Where should portals be placed if they're to be used? Would you prefer to wear out the soles of your new footwear, and hike it around the world to get to your destination, only to be told by the NPC you are questing for... "Go back and talk to my brother..." ?

What are your thoughts? Discuss it in the Hero's Hall Forums and post your vote!

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New Screenshots! - Friday, May 9 2008

New! Three screenshots of the Quillmore Sewers and two of Quillmore's darker district, Nightshade Row.

View them here!

    Posted by - Navarre

Forum is back online - Thursday, May 8 2008

The Hero's Hall forum is back online!

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Dead Citadel Screenshots! - Wednesday, August 8 2007

West of the Grenmeer Lowlands and south of the region now known as Nishaal, Rivanir Hollows is well-known to Elanthians as the locale of one of the most destructive events of the Sundering: the falling of the Floatshale City, Eiroton. The broken remains of the city still litter the area to this day, and the buried secrets and power that still remain amidst the ruins are a tremendous prize to both the Triumvirate and its enemies.

Click Here

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MMORPG.com Visit to Simutronics - Tuesday, June 5 2007

MMORPG.com staff writer Adele Caelia visited the Simutronics office. Her report of the journey can be read on the MMORPG.com website. It has a very interesting inside look at the company itself...along with a few game related tidbits.


You can read the article here, and discuss here.

    Posted by - Riceman

Random Heros Journey Screenshot
Random Heros Journey Screenshot

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